The Chemical Strategies Partnership (CSP) seeks to reduce chemical use, waste, risks, and cost through the transformation of the chemical supply chain by redefining the way chemicals are used and sold. CSP works with manufacturing companies to help redefine the way they purchase and manage their chemicals. In this new model, manufacturers shift away from a traditional supplier relationship to a strategic alliance with a chemical service provider. Instead of purchasing chemicals, the manufacturer purchases chemical services: assistance in purchasing, managing, and tracking chemicals. This shift to chemical services directly aligns the incentives of the service provider and manufacturer to reduce chemical use and costs.

Results to date indicate that this service model has proven to achieve resource efficiency, process innovation, and significant cost savings. Through its pilot programs, CSP helps companies to:

  • Reduce the use and release of toxic chemicals and quantify these reductions
  • Promote CMS as an economic and environmental best practice in manufacturing
  • Empower customers and suppliers to recognize the true costs of chemical use

Please follow this link to view pdf version of our Program Statement.