CSP serves as an independent source for information and guidance on developing chemical management service programs. CSP’s agenda is comprised of the following elements:

  • Assist new customers. CSP provides information and assistance to companies / organizations interested in developing a CMS Program. For more information, see Getting Started: Initiate a CMS Program at your Facility.

  • Initiate CMS programs. On a limited basis, CSP works with manufacturing companies to continue to test and expand the CMS model. CSP provides guidance and consultation to guide the companies through the process of developing a CMS program. For more information, see Pilot Programs.
  • Research. CSP is researching new industry sectors to test the viability of the CMS model in new sectors (research, biotech, universities, K-12 schools). CSP is also examining the effects of e-commerce on the CMS industry and the viability of certification for CMS providers. For more information, see CMS Industry Reports and our white paper on CMS in Pharma and Biotech.

  • Education and outreach. CSP will continue to disseminate information and provide assistance to manufacturers through workshops, case studies, presentations, publications, and reference materials.

  • Policy. CSP is working with policy makers to establish CMS as a best practice for environmental management.

  • International. CSP is pursuing initiatives that will expand the CMS model to Europe and Asia.

  • Engage CMS community. CSP is the program manager for the CSP membership,
    a coalition of chemical management service providers, their customers, tier II chemical suppliers, and other stakeholders interested in promoting CMS.