AJ Bless

Mr. Bless has nearly 10 years of Chemical Management Services experience, and was a member of the Chemical Strategies Partnership (CSP) for several years as an active participant in developing CMS models, proof of concepts, training courses, resource and human capital strategies, marketing and outreach programs to promote CMS. Most recently, Mr. Bless is the Founder and Managing Partner of GO Solutions which specializes in providing recruiting and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services across several industries in the U.S. and as well as several international markets. There he leverages his experience and relationships with key decision makers to assist CMS related companies to find top talent, develop resource management and human capital plans. Mr. Bless also served as a Global Marketing Manager for Rinchem where, among other things, he developed business plans in Asian countries and developed international supply chain solutions.

The list of Mr. Bless’ industry experience is long, including semiconductor & microelectronics manufacturing, chemical manufacturing & distribution, life sciences (pharma/biotech), recycling, environmental & waste management, supply chain management, government, technology consulting.

Email: ajbless@goesolutions.com
Phone: (480) 861-6572

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