Art Helmstetter, PE

Art has dedicated over 30 years of his career to reducing the environmental impacts of modern society from within the waste management and chemical industries. In addition to his role in developing the chemical management business of Quaker Chemical Corporation globally over a 10 year period, he was instrumental in developing materials and energy recovery from waste municipal and industrial wastes. Art now provides this accumulated expertise serving industrial manufacturing companies to increase their efficiency to reduce their energy and environmental impact through B2BPlanner Ltd., a company he founded in 2010 as a resource to CEA. His experience covers industries including automobile and heavy equipment manufacturing, general industrial production, coatings and paints, municipal and hazardous waste reclamation and recovery, and metals rolling, forming and machining.

In his work Art applies a solid strategic plan to match the needs of manufacturers and chemical users to a selection of services that specifically apply to their industry and processes and establish a structure of in-house resources and external vendors and service provider to form a seamless organization to optimally manage chemical use, disposition, and quality. Mr. Helmstetter has also worked for Monsanto, Systech Environmental Corporation, and Seiler Pollution Control Systems LLC. Mr. Helmstetterís educational background includes a Masterís Degree in Aeronautical Engineering, an MBA, and a Bachelorís Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has conducted training programs in the areas of environmental impacts and effective management techniques and has also published a number of articles on these subjects.

Phone: (937) 609-4317

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