Michael D. Knoblock

Mr. Knoblock had a career of over 30 years at General Motors where, among other things, he was the global corporate leader for General Motors’ development and implementation of their pioneering approaches to Chemicals and Resource management. This also included an assessment and rationalization of the supply base providing Chemical Management services. The corporate team that he led developed and sourced a well-defined program that included performance measures that resulted in immediate benefits to General Motor’s bottom line, reduced environmental impact and improved quality and throughput. He spent much of his career re-shaping and refining these mutually beneficial partnerships with the supply chain and getting their adoption on a worldwide basis.

Mr. Knoblock has been involved with the Chemical Management Services Forum since its inception and has been one of its director’s many times. He has given many presentations explaining the elements of the program. He has also participated in the Chemical Management 101 session. He has made numerous presentations on Chemical Management including the Environmental Protection Agency’s Resource Conservation Challenge, Lubricants World, Supplier’s Partnership for the Environment, and CMS Forum in London, England.

Email: mknoblock@chemmgtsol.com
Phone: (248) 648-9382

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