Customers and suppliers with chemical services programs already in place may find it a challenge to continuously demonstrate the value of a chemical services program that has been operating for a number of years. Below are some key issues that should be considered in keeping all stakeholders informed of the ongoing value of a chemical services program:


Tracking metrics and measuring performance are key tools in demonstrating the value of your chemical services program. The following presentations offer advice on how to effectively measure performance.

Measuring Performance in a CMS Program
Stephanie Myers, Materials Manager, Cummins, Inc.

Measuring Performance in Chemical Management
Tony Diamantidis, Managing Director, Chemical Safety Corporation

Selecting, Collecting, and Evaluating CMS Program Performance Metrics
Mike Knoblock, Manager, Chemicals/Oils/Info Management, General Motors

Reselling Your Program

In a mature program where annual savings are no longer dramatic, it is important to continue educating management about the value of the chemical services program.

Continuing Education and Peer-to-Peer Best Practice Sharing through CSP Membership

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