CMS originated in the United States in the 1980s, initiated by the automotive company, General Motors. Since then, it has penetrated into numerous other sectors in the U.S. and is spreading into countries in Europe, South America, and Asia. See articles below for details on specific programs in these regions.

Chemical Management Services in Sweden and Europe: Lessons for the Future
Oksana Mont, Pranshu Singhal, and Zinaida Fadeeva
This article provides an overview of the existing advantages and barriers for CMS providers and customers in the European context, identifies conflicts of interest between them, and highlights important lessons regarding the role of CMS in shaping these markets. It reports on findings from interviews with European chemical producers and other stakeholders of chemical management services and is directed toward industry professionals interested in chemical management services. It concludes that economic and environmental advantages of CMS are not automatically guaranteed and lists factors that are critical for developing a win-win CMS model for both providers and customers. Finally, ways of fostering CMS dissemination in Europe are suggested.
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Chemical Product-Services in the European Union
Jaap Kortman, et al., IVAM UvA BV
A study sponsored by the European Commission addresses the economic and environmental potential of Chemical Product Services (CPS) in the EU and the desirability of public intervention to improve the CPS market. From the information collected, the study concludes that CPS generally allows a reduction of chemical use of 5-30%, depending on the type of chemical and industrial application. In most cases, CPS markets are driven by customers’ attempt to increase efficiency in the value chain and to reduce costs; a joint attempt by suppliers to maintain or increase their markets; and/or environmental and occupational regulations. The study predicts that the potential market for CPS in the EU will be approximately 10 billion Euros in sales for the year 2015.
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For information on the challenges and opportunities of rolling out an international program, view the following presentations from the 10th Annual CMS Workshop (2006):

Taking Chemical Management Global
Scott Little, Commodity Manager, UTC Supply Management, United Technologies Corporation

Chemicals Management: The Challenges of Going Global at General Motors
Mike Knoblock, Manager of Global Environmental Programs, General Motors

Implementing International Programs: Globalization Views
Chuck Breinholt, VP Sales & Marketing, Rinchem Company, Inc.
Bruce Kasen, Director, Global and National Programs, Veolia Environmental Services