Chemical Management Services Industry Report 2009


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About the Report
Currently, the only source of its kind focused specifically on the chemical management services industry. The Report highlights recent trends in CMS, including:

  • Industry structure
  • Market size, penetration, and industry stability
  • CMS program characteristics and contracting mechanisms
  • Industry performance, including revenue growth and profit margins
  • Growth projections and barriers to growth
  • Global growth opportunities with a focus on Europe and Asia
  • Regulatory and environmental trends impacting the industry
  • Recommendations for the CMS industry

Readers will have an understanding of the fundamentals of the CMS model and what industries actively utilize CMS.  The Report addresses the types of contract structures used in programs, savings and additional benefits that customers are enjoying, how the market has grown and changed over the last five years, factors leading to recent global adoption, barriers that are inhibiting more rapid expansion, and expectations for the future of CMS.

Written for:

  • Manufacturing companies, laboratories, research and educational facilities looking to improve their chemical purchasing and management activities in a cost effective way
  • Chemical manufacturers, distributors, and service providers
  • Investment firms
  • Government agencies and nonprofit entities focused toxics reduction, sustainable business, or the service-based economy
  • Consultants focused on improving operational efficiencies and reducing risks for their customers

Report Cost: $500
The report is available free students, and academic institutions. To obtain a free copy, please contact Aarthi Ananthanarayanan, or 415-421-3405 x32.

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