11th Annual CMS Workshop
CMS: Supply Chain Innovation in Fluctuating Markets

Hotel Kabuki
San Francisco, California
October 23-25, 2007

A workshop sponsored by Chemical Strategies Partnership and the CMS Forum.

The Workshop this year was extended to two full days of presentations and discussions, featuring key topics including REACH, financial issues, green procurement, climate change, and several case studies. Attendees represented a variety of sectors including aerospace, air transport, automotive, pharmaceutical, government, utilities, and schools.

In addition to the case studies, the workshop featured keynote presentation by the editor-in-chief of Chemical Week magazine and a plenary session on addressing climate change through chemical management. Other topics included:

  • Privatizing chemical supply for the DoD
  • International CMS programs
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Introducing new technology to the plant floor
  • Resource management
  • Building SME / minority-owned supplier networks
  • Tracking metrics and measuring performance

Participants also had the opportunity to attend industry-specific roundtable meetings, in which they meet with colleagues to engage in open discussions on various issues related to chemical management.

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