What is CMS?
Chemical Management Services (CMS) is a strategic, long-term relationship in which a customer contracts with a service provider to supply and manage the customer's chemicals and related services. Under a CMS contract, the provider's compensation is tied primarily to quantity and quality of services delivered, not chemical volume. CMS goes beyond invoicing and delivering product to optimizing processes, continuously reducing chemical lifecycle costs and risk, and reducing environmental impact.

Getting Started
Learn more about how you can start a CMS program at your facility, including information on planning, baselining your costs, developing the scope of your CMS program, and engaging a CMS provider. Take a tour of our software tool for analyzing your chemical management costs.

Refining Your Program
Resources for customers and suppliers with CMS programs already in place.

CSP Consulting Services
CSP offers a wide range of services related to considering and initiating a CMS program. Learn about the services we offer to customers and CMS providers/chemical suppliers, as well as tools and materials available to assist companies with these activities.

CSP Manual and Tools
Order our Manual, Tools for Optimizing Chemical Management, which includes a chemical management cost analysis tool. Receive step-by-step instructions on how to evaluate and design a comprehensive CMS program, and use our in-depth excel spreadsheet which allows you to figure out what your company currently spends on chemical management.