Raytheon Systems Company
Raytheon's Chemical & Gas Management Program (CGMP) began in May 1999 and is a corporate-wide program with over 45 sites participating representing 98% of the chemical spend dollars. Raytheon was a pilot program of CSP, and after seeing good results at one of the facilities, Raytheon decided to roll out a CMS program corporate-wide. Raytheon contracts with CMS provider Haas TCM (formerly Radian International) for the full scope of chemical management services. To date, the CGMP has resulted in improved service and quality, and a six-month payback on the first year of implementation costs. Raytheon's primary drivers for initiating a CMS program were cost cutting and the need to become one company (after several mergers) despite multiple cultures, procedures, and systems. They also had a strong desire to outsource their information management system and centralize and standardize their diverse and large supplier base (1000+ vendors).

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