11th Annual CMS Workshop
Selected Presentations

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

CMS 101: An Introduction to CMS
Tom Votta, Deputy Director, Chemical Strategies Partnership

Standardizing Chemical Data
John Coho, Office of the Secretary of Defense

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Perspectives on the Past, Present, and Future of CMS
Raj Mishra, Ph.D. (former Chemical Management Director at GM)

Plenary 1: Global Chemical Constraints and Opportunities
Robert Westervelt, Editor-in-Chief, Chemical Week

Plenary 2: Privatizing Chemical Supply for the DoD
Thad Fortin, CEO, Haas TCM
Kevin M. Dolan, Business Development Manager, SAIC

Session 1A: Getting Started with a CMS Program
Cathy Deshambo, Energy Manager, Lansing School District

Session 1B: Financial Issues in CMS Programs
Robert Westervelt, Editor-in-Cheif, Chemical Week

Session 1C: CMS Case Studies - Government Sectors
Butch Byers, Acting Safety Manager, SLAC

Session 2A: CMS Case Studies - Aerospace
Alan Brown, Manager, Materials Engineering, Pratt & Whitney

Session 2B: Purchasing Greener Chemicals
Marilyn Johnson, Director, Chemical Management Initiatives, Dolphin Software

Session 2C: International CMS Case Studies
Barbara Mucha, Chemical Manager, PPG Poland

Plenary 3: Addressing Climate Change through Chemical Management
David Shearer, Chief Scientist, California Environmental Associates
Rick Sarnelli, Senior Manager, Corporate EHS, Raytheon Company
Joe Heinzmann, Director of Business Development, FuelCell Energy

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Session 3A: CMS and Lean Manufacturing
Hal Ehrhardt, Manager, Safety, Chemical & Environmental Programs, Lockheed Martin

Session 3B: Introducing New Technology on the Plant Floor
Chad Stackhouse, New Business Development Manager, Houghton International
Scott Daniel, Environmental Coordinator, Dana Canada

Session 3C: Resource Management: Expanding your CMS Program
Chuck Breinholt, VP Sales & Marketing, Rinchem Company
Mike Knoblock, Manager of Global Environmental Programs, General Motors

Session 4A: REACH: Impacts for Managing the Supply Chain
Doug Lockwood, Senior Consultant, WSP Environmental

Session 4B: Building SME/Minority-Owned Supplier Networks
Jane Mockford, CEO, Yorkshire Chemical Focus
Paul Sinko, Vice President, ChemicoMays, LLC