12th Annual Chemical Management Services Conference
CMS: Success in Driving Sustainability

Hilton San Francisco Financial District
750 Kearny Street
San Francisco, CA 94108
November 12-14 2008

Conference Description:
This November, industry, government, and business professionals came together at the 12th Annual Chemical Management Services (CMS) Conference. CMS is an innovative approach to chemical supply chain management used by manufacturers to cut chemical cost, use and environmental impact. This unique forum featured progressive case studies, emerging international trends, and applicable dialogue about chemical management.

Utilizing high-tech information systems and performance-based contracts to drive down costs and improve productivity, CMS has become a best practice across numerous industries. This year's conference featured presentations from the aerospace and automotive sectors in addition to speakers from utilities providers and government. Learn from seasoned practitioners about how to develop a CMS program at your company.

Highlights included:

  • an opening plenary session with Dr. John Warner of the Warner Babcock Institute, providing insight into the role of green chemistry, financial investment in clean technology, and trends in future product development;
  • insight into emerging regulatory trends;
  • an interactive baseline analysis session;
  • presentations on international efforts to introduce the CMS model;
  • in-depth case studies from a variety of sectors; and
  • a closing presentation with Joel Makower, author of Strategies for the Green Economy and Executive Editor of GreenBiz.com, on the current sustainability movement and the complexities and controversies of profiting in the growing green economy.

Participants also had the opportunity to attend industry-specific roundtable meetings, in which they meet with colleagues to engage in open discussions on various issues related to chemical management.

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A conference sponsored by Chemical Strategies Partnership and the CMS Forum.