10th Annual CMS Workshop
Selected Presentations

Technology Tools for Implementing CMS: A Look at RFID

RFID Application in Chemical Inventory Tracking
Michael Berg, Manager of Environmental Protection, Business Continuity and Emergency Management, Novartis

Chemical Management and Environmental Compliance
Tony Diamantidis, Managing Director, Chemical Safety Corporation

EPC / RFID Update
Tom Sclafani, Director, Industrial Development, EPCglobal US

CMS 101: An Introduction to CMS

CMS 101: An Introduction to CMS
Jill Kauffman Johnson, Executive Director, Chemical Strategies Partnership

Keynote - Innovations in CMS: Green Chemistry

Green Chemistry and the Competitive Edge
John Warner, Director, Center for Green Chemistry, U. Mass Lowell

Case Study: MMNA and PPG
Levi LaMothe, Staff Engineer, Mitsubishi Motors North America

Case Study: CMS Success at Bell Helicopter

Chemical Management Case Study for Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

Don Legg, Director of Environmental & Industrial Safety, Bell Helicopter

Breakout Session 1: Getting Started with a CMS Program

Bulk Chemical Management at Diablo Canyon Power Plant
Del Ritchie, Supply Chain Manager, Diablo Canyon Power Plant, PG&E

Breakout Session 2: Measuring Performance

Measuring Performance in a CMS Program
Stephanie Myers, Materials Manager, Cummins, Inc.

Measuring Performance in Chemical Management

Tony Diamantidis, Managing Director, Chemical Safety Corporation

Breakout Session 3: CMS Inroads to Government Sectors

BRAC Privatization and Chemical Management Services
Cynthia Lantz, Chief, Special Projects Branch, Defense Supply Center Richmond

DoD Interests in Emerging Contaminants
Tom Moreshouse, Program Advisor, Emerging Contaminants, Office of the Secretary of Defense

Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Butch Byers, Acting Safety Manager, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

Breakout Session 4: Rolling Out an International CMS Program

Taking Chemical Management Global
Scott Little, Commodity Manager, UTC Supply Management, United Technologies Corporation

Chemicals Management: The Challenges of Going Global at General Motors
Mike Knoblock, Manager of Global Environmental Programs, General Motors

Implementing International Programs: Globalization Views

Chuck Breinholt, VP Sales & Marketing, Rinchem Company, Inc.
Bruce Kasen, Director, Global and National Programs, Veolia Environmental Services

Breakout Session 5: CMS in New Sectors

Chemical & Resource Management Services (CRMS) at the Lansing School District
Cathy DeShambo, Energy Manager, Lansing School District

Chemical Management: The Weyerhaeuser Journey
Marilyn Johnson, Manager, EHS Regulatory Affairs, Weyerhaeuser

Breakout Session 6: CMS and Lean Manufacturing

Lean and the CMS Provider
Diedra Diesch, CMS Program Manager, Lean Supply, Rockwell Collins

Advanced Wastewater Treatment Technology: Mechanical Vapor Recompression and
Membrane Polishing

John Burke, Director of Engineering Services, Houghton International

Breakout Session 7: Emerging International Issues

REACH: Europe’s New Chemicals Law, From the Outside Looking In
Daryl Ditz, Chemicals Program, Center for International Environmental Law

Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management
Andrea Fava, Environmental Affairs Manager, U.S. Council for International Business

Emerging International Issues: Creative Business Responses

Jane Mockford, CEO, Yorkshire Chemical Focus

Roundtable Discussion: REACH Update

REACH: What does it mean and how can you prepare?

Robert Donkers, Environment Counselor at the Delegation of the European Commission to the U.S.