13th Annual Chemical Management Services Workshop

CMS: Supply Chain Sustainability in Practice

Tuesday, October 12th | Indianapolis, IN

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Haas TCM International
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Keynote: Supply Chain Sustainability in Practice
Tom Easterday, Subaru of Indiana

Leveraging CSM to Meet Sustainability Goals
Dave Garriepy, Chemical Manager, United Technologies Corporation*
Thad Fortin, Haas TCM

Supply Chain After the Downturn: Where Are We Now, Where Are We Going?
Rob Westervelt, Editor-in-Chief, Chemical Week Magazine

CMS 101 - An Introduction to CMS
Jill Kauffman Johnson, Executive Director, Chemical Strategies Partnership
Hal Ehrhardt, Safety, Sr. Manager- Energy and Environmental Programs, Lockheed Martin Corporation
Kevin McKee, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Fort Worth

Government Initiatives on Materials Management
Carole LeBlanc, Chemical and Material Risk Management Directorate, Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense
Priscilla Halloran, US EPA Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery

Regulatory Outlook 2010: US Toxics Regulatory Reform
Mark Rossi, Research Director, Cleaner Production Action

Implementing a Successful CMS Program: Assessing your corporate culture and business drivers
Preston Stark, HIsco CMG
AJ Bless, Chemical Lifecycle Management

CMS Case Studies from the automotive sector
Vickie Mecsey, Manager of Global Environmental Programs, General Motors
Ron Derry, Engineering Manager, Dana Holding Corporation

Rolling Out CMS Internationally: Case Studies of Current EFforts
Yeosong Yoon, General Manager , EHS, Samsung Electro-Mechanics*
Hyeonsoo Park, President, TO21*
Paul Bierma, Manufacturing Engineering Technical Steward, Caterpillar Inc.

Baselining Your Lifecycle Chemical Costs
Jill Kauffman Johnson, Executive Director, Chemical Strategies Partnership
Bob Napier, Henkel Chemical Management

CMS - An Integral Part of Sustainability Programs
Verne Shortell, Executive Director of Environmental Business, NRG
Judy Fulton, Hazardous Material Program Manager, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Chemical and Resource Management - Approaches to Facility-Wide Services
Mariam Georgaroudakis, Raytheon Company
Harry Seifert, ChemicoMays, LLC

* Presentation not publicly available.

A workshop produced by Chemical Strategies Partnership and the CMS Forum.

The 13th Annual CMS Workshop is sponsored by:

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